More old family photos

My last post was about old family photos and old photos is a topic that has come up on a course I am doing with the Open University.

1962 Mum & Dad's Suppertime At 7 Prospect Avenue

There are so many fascinating things about that moment in time that the photo shows, the clothes, the furniture, the setting and the physical, how people look, if family do they look like each other, how they stand, sit, smile or perhaps grimace in the photo. We can see so much from the photo but can we really see what was happening there, then, before and after.

1955-The Last Complete Family Gathering (Outside Dog House)

Whatever the case the photos tell a story to the viewer, they bring back memories of a person, people or place. My photos may not be as old as other people have showing many generations but they bring back a lot of memories, happy memories.

1961 Viewing The M2 Bridge Bewing Built Over The River Medway -Winnie-Linda-David-Mum


Family History and photos

Family History, is it something you are interested in? I have been for several years now. I was really keen at one time and then I went away from it for a few years and the past 18 months I am back with it and astounded by how much more there is online compared with when I started.

I enjoy the search, the investigating, it can keep me up until late into the night if I go off on a branch that I knew nothing about. The search is not the same as it used to be with so many records now online. It is good because it is nice and easy now but it does not have that same detective feel about it. I used to love going to record offices and sitting there for a few hours looking at records either the parish record book or on microfiche/film, (still do enjoy it, just don’t do it so often). It used to take me away from the house, get me out and I used to meet new people too.

1969 Approx- Waterhall Farm-Mum, Allen & Diane

Now the search is all done with a click of a mouse, it is still interesting and still gets me absolutely hooked but it does not have the same excitement of suddenly finding the person you are looking for in the parish registers. Mind you there was also the disappointment of sitting there for hours and finding out nothing of any use, but I used to enjoy it anyway.

1962 June Marlborough Head Pub, Finsbury -Mum Enjoying A Morning Pint & A Natter

I get a lot of enjoyment when doing research by looking at old photos.  Looking at the people, the clothes, the setting, all looking perfect and they all hide stories behind them some of them happy, some of them sad. I have added a few old photos to this post for you to see. They are not as old as some people have but they are the best I have and I love them. I hope you enjoy looking at them too.

1965-Outside The War Bill In Ton

Orford Castle

So continuing with our trip away we went to Orford Castle apparently one of the most complete keeps in England. It was a beautiful day when we were there and the Castle looked really impressive.


Notice my daughter photo bombing the picture.

It is one of the best small castles I have been in, it has so much history having been built by Henry II between 1165 and 1173. Can you imagine who might have been there? What they talked about? What they wore? What did they think of the amazing views from the top? What plans were made there and by whom? This is a building whose history you could really delve into and find fascinating right up until the mid twentieth century.

This trip out was the end of our stay over on the coast and we headed back home to our side of Suffolk. We shall definitely be going back as there is so much to see and do over there like Snape Maltings, Framlingham Castle, a trip on the Bawdsey ferry, maybe a trip out on one of the many boast trips on offer and, possibly, something I like the idea of a trip to Orfordness Nature reserve.

So until next time ta ta for now.

Suffolk Coast

This week saw the beginning of the school Easter holidays so we thought we would do our first trip of the year away in the caravan. This is now the 8th spring/summer with our little caravan and, although it is looking a little tired it is still perfectly serviceable and fit for the purpose it was meant for. We never like to go too far for our first trip away just in case we find we have forgotten things, or find the condition of the caravan might have deteriorated over the winter so staying near to home we would be able to get back home easily.

Well, things were fine. The weather was good, though a little cold at night everything went well. The site was very nice, quiet, and very well kept and the facilities were clean. We stayed at Run Cottage we would definitely recommend this site if you find yourself over that way.

We went out a few times just for a general look around, we went of to the small town of Woodbridge ( which was lovely with its mix of large retailers and small independent shops. Lots of gorgeous looking houses it looked quite idyllic. It even has a railway station something we don’t have over here.

While looking around the lovely little shops I came across a second hand bookshop with lots of these little booklets, East Anglia Magazine, wow what a find. Needless to say I bought several, dated from the 1940s and 1950s.


The same day we also paid a visit to Shingle Street, a bit remote and reminding me a little of Dungeness.


It was nice to explore somewhere different.