The Gnome

Yesterday I decided to buy a gnome, not a small gnome but the biggest one in the shop. He was a tad awkward to carry but I didn’t mind. Why didn’t I mind, well because I loved the fact that he was making me smile, people were quite clearly laughing when they saw me with him, and it gave my family something to laugh about albeit at my expense. That did not bother me because it was fun, people don’t laugh or smile enough and this gnome created a lot of laughter in our house and a lot of smiles when I had him as a passenger in the car.


Then my children’s imaginations started to work overtime on horror stories with the gnome. Then suddenly it felt like the gnome was going to be in the next episode of Dr Who. I should say that their stories came with laughter too and it was all rather light hearted and that my children are all adults!


Wife and a mother of 3. I live in Suffolk. Having lived in several places around the UK we seem to have found a home, or perhaps the home found us!

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