More old family photos

My last post was about old family photos and old photos is a topic that has come up on a course I am doing with the Open University.

1962 Mum & Dad's Suppertime At 7 Prospect Avenue

There are so many fascinating things about that moment in time that the photo shows, the clothes, the furniture, the setting and the physical, how people look, if family do they look like each other, how they stand, sit, smile or perhaps grimace in the photo. We can see so much from the photo but can we really see what was happening there, then, before and after.

1955-The Last Complete Family Gathering (Outside Dog House)

Whatever the case the photos tell a story to the viewer, they bring back memories of a person, people or place. My photos may not be as old as other people have showing many generations but they bring back a lot of memories, happy memories.

1961 Viewing The M2 Bridge Bewing Built Over The River Medway -Winnie-Linda-David-Mum



Wife and a mother of 3. I live in Suffolk. Having lived in several places around the UK we seem to have found a home, or perhaps the home found us!

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