Family History and photos

Family History, is it something you are interested in? I have been for several years now. I was really keen at one time and then I went away from it for a few years and the past 18 months I am back with it and astounded by how much more there is online compared with when I started.

I enjoy the search, the investigating, it can keep me up until late into the night if I go off on a branch that I knew nothing about. The search is not the same as it used to be with so many records now online. It is good because it is nice and easy now but it does not have that same detective feel about it. I used to love going to record offices and sitting there for a few hours looking at records either the parish record book or on microfiche/film, (still do enjoy it, just don’t do it so often). It used to take me away from the house, get me out and I used to meet new people too.

1969 Approx- Waterhall Farm-Mum, Allen & Diane

Now the search is all done with a click of a mouse, it is still interesting and still gets me absolutely hooked but it does not have the same excitement of suddenly finding the person you are looking for in the parish registers. Mind you there was also the disappointment of sitting there for hours and finding out nothing of any use, but I used to enjoy it anyway.

1962 June Marlborough Head Pub, Finsbury -Mum Enjoying A Morning Pint & A Natter

I get a lot of enjoyment when doing research by looking at old photos.  Looking at the people, the clothes, the setting, all looking perfect and they all hide stories behind them some of them happy, some of them sad. I have added a few old photos to this post for you to see. They are not as old as some people have but they are the best I have and I love them. I hope you enjoy looking at them too.

1965-Outside The War Bill In Ton


Wife and a mother of 3. I live in Suffolk. Having lived in several places around the UK we seem to have found a home, or perhaps the home found us!

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