Orford Castle

So continuing with our trip away we went to Orford Castle apparently one of the most complete keeps in England. It was a beautiful day when we were there and the Castle looked really impressive.


Notice my daughter photo bombing the picture.

It is one of the best small castles I have been in, it has so much history having been built by Henry II between 1165 and 1173. Can you imagine who might have been there? What they talked about? What they wore? What did they think of the amazing views from the top? What plans were made there and by whom? This is a building whose history you could really delve into and find fascinating right up until the mid twentieth century.

This trip out was the end of our stay over on the coast and we headed back home to our side of Suffolk. We shall definitely be going back as there is so much to see and do over there like Snape Maltings, Framlingham Castle, a trip on the Bawdsey ferry, maybe a trip out on one of the many boast trips on offer and, possibly, something I like the idea of a trip to Orfordness Nature reserve.

So until next time ta ta for now.

Author: foxfamily.co.uk

Wife and a mother of 3. I live in Suffolk. Having lived in several places around the UK we seem to have found a home, or perhaps the home found us!

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