Suffolk Coast

This week saw the beginning of the school Easter holidays so we thought we would do our first trip of the year away in the caravan. This is now the 8th spring/summer with our little caravan and, although it is looking a little tired it is still perfectly serviceable and fit for the purpose it was meant for. We never like to go too far for our first trip away just in case we find we have forgotten things, or find the condition of the caravan might have deteriorated over the winter so staying near to home we would be able to get back home easily.

Well, things were fine. The weather was good, though a little cold at night everything went well. The site was very nice, quiet, and very well kept and the facilities were clean. We stayed at Run Cottage we would definitely recommend this site if you find yourself over that way.

We went out a few times just for a general look around, we went of to the small town of Woodbridge ( which was lovely with its mix of large retailers and small independent shops. Lots of gorgeous looking houses it looked quite idyllic. It even has a railway station something we don’t have over here.

While looking around the lovely little shops I came across a second hand bookshop with lots of these little booklets, East Anglia Magazine, wow what a find. Needless to say I bought several, dated from the 1940s and 1950s.


The same day we also paid a visit to Shingle Street, a bit remote and reminding me a little of Dungeness.


It was nice to explore somewhere different.


Wife and a mother of 3. I live in Suffolk. Having lived in several places around the UK we seem to have found a home, or perhaps the home found us!

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